Welcome! A few strokes of our origin and our identity and then start from next week with topics of interest, news, events and everything related to sport.

We started! Enforma was born from the hand of Molfort’s in 1928, following in the footsteps of the family tradition, we have created a value chain that has allowed us to continue transmitting the essence of a family business specialized in the sock sector. Tradition, perseverance and love for sport are the key ingredients for the creation of Enforma. Now that you are clear about where we come from ...

More than 250 million socks manufactured!

We classify our product as "Technical socks for all types of athletes, from amateurs to professionals."

Our Identity

The sum of the key factors is our reason for being, we divide into four parts:
• Disciplines
• Technical material
• High technology in production
• Team work

Our disciplines:

Bike, trekking, running and ski.

To get the best sock in each one of them we have created the "continuous multicolaboration". It is about having a close relationship with the athlete and physiotherapist, thus obtaining a dynamic process to develop the best sports sock.

Thanks to our R&D department, high technology in production and in the development of a product adapted to needs, we seek to achieve the perfect sock for each scenario.

Without getting too involved, our mission is to make our socks help athletes of each discipline to improve their performance.


Young, restless, dynamic team with many projects always wanting to contribute something new to our athletes. Forming a great community with athletes such as: Claudia Galicia, Juanito Oiarzabal, Ferran Latorre ... and many more!

Follow us on our Blog and you will be able to contribute your grain of sand, comments on how to improve our product, our collection, propose topics of interest or current affairs so that we can delve into them etc ..., all your comments will surely be useful. The goal is to create useful content for you and in this way continue to grow in our community.

We await your comments and opinions to continue improving as a brand

Get informed!

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