Technical socks that simulate a bandage


After 2 years of intense work and research in the R&D department of RESETSPORT and ENFORMASOCKS, “TAPE SOCKS” was born under the foundations of KINSESIOLOGY.

A line of technical socks created to improve the performance of athletes, help them to recover more quickly and reduce the risk of injury.

The key factor in these technical socks is their innovative structure, created from different tension tapes (“tapes”) that simulate a bandage. These tapes provide support to the foot or ankle without limiting the athlete's movement, stabilizing the ankle and therefore preventing possible injuries to the ligaments or tendons.

The Tape Project consists of 4 models of technical socks:


Technical sock with extra protection in the ankle area highly prepared to provide the athlete with great stability during sports, without limiting movement and avoiding injuries to the external lateral ligament and suffering in the most stressful phases for the athlete.
In addition, this technical sock is designed to avoid any type of chafing with the skin and snagging with external elements.

Ideal technical sock model to prevent periostitis and overloads in the tibialis anterior and soleus. Thanks to the anchoring on the back of the sock, it provides greater support to the calves, preventing the sock from moving during sports. Formed with technology in the foot in the shape of a "V" achieving a perfect stabilization of the ankle as well as preventing possible injuries.

Technical sock made up of two anchors and a tension strap joined together, acting directly as support and protection for the Achilles tendon.

Ideal technical sock for those who tend to force the tendon with high intensity or long duration, since the structure of the sock itself allows to unload and enhance the action of the tendon reducing the risk of injury to it.

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