Technical socks for Trekking


Enforma technical sports socks exclusively for high mountain trekking, mid-mountain trekking and hiking.

They allow better perspiration, preservation of body heat. Made with special materials such as Merino wool, silk wool, copper, Zinc and Coolmax.

The trekking line has properties such as:
Merino wool, 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. With excellent perspiration and a soft sensation on contact with the skin. For athletes who practice trekking in extreme conditions and need a perfect thermoregulator on their feet.

Silk wool, one of the strongest, most resistant and elastic natural fibers! Ideal for sensitive skin and allergic to synthetic fabrics. Thanks to properties such as silk wool, we achieve a natural thermoregulatory effect in the sock that is effective even with a wet sock.

Copptech technology with antibacterial and regenerative properties. Our line of Kypros made with Copper + Zinc ideal for hiking and low mountains. Providing absorption, drying and thermoregulation thanks to Coolmax All Season with humidity control.

To learn more about the entire Trekking line, we present all the details and characteristics of the different models on our website. Feel the quality and properties provided by Enforma technical sports socks.

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