Nylstar technical sports socks


At Enforma Socks we use Nylstar technologies in our technical sports socks, designed to keep microfiber contaminants out of marine life.

Some of the Nylstar technologies we use in our sports socks are as follows:

  • Meryl Hydrogen

This is an ideal yarn for technical socks because of the soft touch and maximum absorption that this technology provides to make the sock suitable for any type of sport.

It is a luxury performance yarn with the best properties without the need for any chemical treatment.

  • Meryl Nexten

It is one of the lightest yarns that exist, making sports socks have an unbeatable weight saving when doing any sport.

In addition, it provides an effective barrier against extreme temperatures guaranteeing the athlete comfort in any weather condition.

  • Meryl Skinlife

This is the ideal technology to prevent odors and bacteria from coming into contact with the skin during sports, thanks to the use of inherent silver microparticles.

  • Meryl Hyaluronan

This technology enhances the natural production of hyaluronic acid in our skin and contributes to skin regeneration, keeping the skin firm and hydrated and protected from any free radicals that may appear when doing sports with technical socks.

  • Meryl Recycled

Finally, Meryl Recycled yarn reuses waste to create a completely new raw material for the production of sports socks. It is an environmentally friendly yarn while maintaining the same quality and performance.

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